Bespoke Web Application Development

RedGalaxy is a web application development studio based in Cambridgeshire, building solutions to help businesses improve efficiency and profitability.

End-to-End Product Development

With strong experience among a number of sectors, we can work with you to understand and build a solution that will work for your business.

Previous projects include e-commerce platforms, booking systems, support ticketing systems, integrations with online retail marketplaces, IoT solutions and more.

Existing Project Continuation

Often we're asked to take an existing project and continue its development, either to help get it "over the line" or to support its ongoing longer-term development.

We can also integrate with your existing team should you need additional developer resource for your project.

Specialists with PHP and Laravel

Our key skills and experience lie with PHP and the Laravel framework. This allows rapid prototyping and development of common functionality, saving you time and money. We do work with other technology stacks though, where PHP and Laravel isn't quite the right fit.

Have a project or idea to discuss?