Random Password Generator

Our password generator allows you to create random passwords for use with anything which requires a secure password. You can generate up to 25 passwords at once, and we provide a range of options to generate passwords with or without symbols, mixed case and numbers.

The passwords generated here are not stored on RedGalaxy Ltd's systems. Although the form allows passwords of a minimum of 6 characters, we recommend your generated passwords are at least 12 characters in length and contain at least mixed case and numbers.

(6-64 characters)

How to use the random password generator

Simply choose the options on the left you require for your password(s), click the "Generate Password(s)" button to show your randomly generated passwords. We do not store or record any passwords generated, or any other identifiable information.

Numbers: Tick this box to allow numbers in your password(s).

Letters: Tick this box to allow lowercase letters in your password(s).

Mixed case: Tick this box to allow uppercase and lowercase letters in your password(s).

Symbols: Tick this box to allow symbols (-, _, ^, ~, @, etc) in your password(s).

Phonetics: Tick this box to show phonetic representation of your password(s).

Number to generate: Create up to 25 random passwords at once.

Password length: Generate passwords between 6 and 64 characters long.