KashFlow Integration For Your Business

If you use KashFlow to manage your business accounts, customers and invoices you’ve already unleashed a huge potential to reduce your accounting workload. But did you know you can do so much more?

As KashFlow users at RedGalaxy Ltd, we have worked on various custom projects for both our customers as well as ourselves. From eBay sales automation to bank statement importing, invoice integration with your website and automated payment registration, we can add many new functions to your business. Less time in KashFlow is more time spent running your business!

Benefits of KashFlow integration

  • Automated transaction recording, invoice generation and customer creation
  • Show your customer’s invoices directly on your website without storing any new information in your website’s database
  • Reduce the chance for human error within your accounts
  • Bank statement imports reduce the time you spend on your accounts

Why KashFlow?

We’ve been using KashFlow internally since 2011 and we absolutely love it. With its ability to manage purchases, customers and invoices, great reporting tools and fantastic customer support, you will be well looked after with KashFlow. Multi brand invoicing is also taken care of - which is something very much required by us!

We’ve written a collection of modular PHP classes that make it easier to integrate your website or business tools with KashFlow. We can set everything up for you, as well as complete integration work to match your needs. And when you’re not quite sure on whether something will work, we can map out some ideas and run through them with you!

Not a KashFlow user? Sign up for their 14 day free trial to see what you think - there’s no obligation to subscribe afterwards and it’ll help you to decide whether KashFlow is right for you. However, use the code 'REDGALAXY' when you sign up and you’ll receive £1.50/month discount for the first 6 months on their Business or Business+Payroll packages!

I’m interested - what next?

Contact us - let us know what you have, what you would like and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements, limitations and any doubts you may have.

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